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Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) plays a crucial role in engaging and nurturing the spiritual development of young people within the community. Here are the key roles of the Youth Ministry:

  1. Spiritual Formation: Providing opportunities for spiritual growth within Catholic teachings and the charismatic experience.

  2. Youth-Led Worship: Encouraging and facilitating youth-led worship experiences with elements resonating with younger generations.

  3. Fellowship and Community Building: Creating an inclusive community for building relationships and mutual support in their faith journey.

  4. Evangelism and Outreach: Engaging in efforts to connect with young individuals seeking spiritual connection or guidance.

  5. Discipleship and Mentorship: Establishing mentorship programs to guide young people in their faith and personal development.

  6. Educational Programs: Offering engaging programs addressing the unique challenges faced by young individuals.

  7. Mission and Service Projects: Encouraging youth participation in missions and service projects, promoting social responsibility.

  8. Incorporating Technology: Using technology and social media to connect with young people in a way that resonates with their digital culture.

  9. Youth-Led Initiatives: Empowering youth to lead and participate in events relevant to their interests.

  10. Integration with Larger Church Community: Fostering connection and participation within the broader church community, encouraging active involvement in parish life.

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