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Teaching Ministry

The Teaching Ministry within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) is a vital component that focuses on instructing and edifying members in matters of faith, theology, and spiritual growth. Here are the key roles and responsibilities associated with the Teaching Ministry:

  1. Doctrinal Instruction: Offering teachings to deepen members’ understanding of the Catholic faith, covering fundamental doctrines, sacraments, and Church teachings.

  2. Bible Study: Conducting studies to help members explore and comprehend the Scriptures, delving into the Old and New Testaments, examining biblical themes, and understanding context and relevance.

  3. Spiritual Formation: Contributing to the spiritual formation of individuals by guiding them in their faith journey, fostering virtue, and nurturing a deeper relationship with God.

  4. Charismatic Theology: Offering teachings on charismatic theology, emphasizing the role of the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, and charisms mentioned in the New Testament.

  5. Training Leaders: Playing a role in training leaders within the CCR, ensuring they are well-grounded in Catholic theology to guide others in their spiritual journey.

  6. Integration with Charismatic Experience: Striving to integrate theological teachings with the charismatic experience, emphasizing harmony between the Catholic Church’s theological tradition and the dynamic experience of the Holy Spirit within the Renewal.

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