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Intercessory Ministry

The Intercessory Ministry within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) plays a crucial role in fostering a culture of prayer, seeking God’s guidance, and interceding for the needs of individuals, the Church, and the world. Intercessory prayer involves praying on behalf of others and lifting up their concerns, requests, and needs before God. Among the key aspects of the Intercessory Ministry within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and its roles and responsibilities include:


  1. Individuals and Families: Intercessors pray for the specific needs of individuals and families in the Renewal community, covering areas like healing, guidance, protection, and spiritual growth.
  2. Church: They focus on praying for the broader Catholic Church, including leaders, clergy, and members, seeking unity, renewal, and ongoing guidance by the Holy Spirit.
  3. Renewal Movement: Intercessory prayer addresses the specific needs and challenges faced by the CCR, encompassing leaders, the success of events, and the overall spiritual well-being of its members.
  4. Spiritual Warfare: Intercessors engage in spiritual warfare through prayer, seeking protection against spiritual attacks and discerning the guidance of the Holy Spirit to overcome obstacles.
  5. Culture of Prayer: The overarching goal is to foster a culture of prayer within the Renewal community, encouraging individuals to develop a personal prayer life and recognizing the significance of prayer in the Christian journey.

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