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Prophetic Ministry

The Prophetic Ministry within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) is focused on discerning and communicating messages inspired by the Holy Spirit for the spiritual edification and guidance of the community. Here are the key roles of the Prophetic Ministry:

  1. Receiving and Discerning Messages: Seeking messages from the Holy Spirit through prayer and discernment.

  2. Communication of Revelations: Sharing prophetic messages with the community for guidance and encouragement.

  3. Edification and Exhortation: Providing spiritual direction and encouragement for personal and communal growth.

  4. Confirmation and Discernment: Verifying the authenticity of prophetic messages and aiding in community discernment.

  5. Intercessory Prayer: Engaging in prayer for individuals and community concerns with spiritual insight.

  6. Alignment with Scriptural Truth: Ensuring that all messages align with Scripture and Catholic doctrinal teachings.

  7. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit: Cultivating a deep sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s promptings for accurate message conveyance.

  8. Integration with Worship: Incorporating prophetic utterances into worship services and gatherings for a deeper spiritual connection.

  9. Personal and Community Spiritual Growth: Contributing to spiritual growth by offering insights into God’s plans and fostering a responsive attitude to the Holy Spirit.

  10. Training and Discipleship: Providing training to develop prophetic gifts, understand prophetic principles, and convey messages with humility and accountability.

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